Ep 110: 5 Beneficiary Mistakes: Are You Accidentally Spoiling Your Retirement Plan?

On this episode, we’ll address five common beneficiary mistakes that, unfortunately, a lot of people make. From making errors to naming minors as beneficiaries, we’ll break down some common blunders. 

Are you making one of these beneficiary mistakes? If so, it could cost you and your loved ones dearly. Some of the simplest mistakes can completely spoil an otherwise well done retirement plan.

Here’s some of what we’ll discuss in this episode:

• Why you shouldn’t name minors as beneficiaries. (1:40)
• Why you should name alternative beneficiaries. (5:16)
• Why you shouldn’t name your estate as a beneficiary. (6:56)

If you are interested in any of the topics we discussed, please reach out and we would be happy to help you navigate your financial situation.

To get in touch with Mike, visit us online:  http://principalpreservationservices.com

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