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Retirement Reality Podcast
Retirement Reality Podcast
Weekly financial and retirement planning guidance with Mike Kojonen of Principal Preservation Services. Mike serves western Wisconsin and the Twin Cities areas of Minnesota. He's the co-author of Momma's Secret Recipe for Retirement Success and will impart financial wisdom each week on this podcast.
Ep #6: What Flying Can Teach Us About Retirement Planning
by Mike Kojonen

When was the last time you took a flight? Did you think at all about how that process related to investing? Probably not, but there are actually some pretty great parallels between retirement planning and flying that we will talk about on this episode. Buckle up and prepare for takeoff.

On this episode:

2:36 – Introducing our topic on today’s show.

3:32 – In the news: 37% of households are ‘free and clear.’ Is that number high or low?

4:49 – 75% of our clients are free and clear and the others are pretty close.

5:44 – Beginning our main topic of what flying teaches us about retirement

6:09 – The first lesson: You need a flight plan.

7:42 – You need someone with experience to build the correct flight plan.

8:51 – The third lesson: Turbulence effects different people in different ways.

10:15 – Your plan, like an airplane, is built to withstand the ups and downs.

11:00 - The final lesson: You need help along the way to get from point a to point b.

11:50 - Past success can really hurt you. Here’s why.

Get the full show notes and additional resources by clicking here:https://principalpreservationservices.com/what-flying-can-teach-us-about-retirement/

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