How to Build Your Wealth Tax-Free | Mike Kojonen on Alphanews

Mike Kojonen on Alphanews: How to build your wealth tax-free

Mike Kojonen Featured on Alphanews

We’re thrilled to share a recent article and video, written by Mike Kojonen of Principal Preservation Services and published on Alphanews. This article features insights on maximizing your retirement savings and more. Dive into the full article, How to Build Your Wealth Tax-Free, to discover:

  • The key differences between traditional IRAs/401Ks and Roth variants.
  • Insights on Roth contributions versus conversions.
  • Expert tips from Mike Kojonen on avoiding common pitfalls.
  • A groundbreaking update from the Secure Act 2.0 impacting 529 plans.

Unlock the full potential of your retirement strategy with Mike Kojonen’s expert guidance. Read the article now and elevate your financial future!

Just want to watch the video? You can view it here:

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