Patience Pays: The Power of Delayed Gratification (Part 2)

Patience Pays: The Power of Delayed Gratification

Sometimes it’s hard to make financial sacrifices when the reward might not be seen until several years in the future. Today we’ll talk about some of the situations where you might be inclined to take the immediate benefit, when you should really consider the delayed rewards.

In part two of our discussion, we’re going to talk through four more situations that people commonly pick the option that gives them a benefit now. Many people aren’t making these choices intentionally so our goal is to help you understand why patience pays in these scenarios.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Maintenance updates and timely upgrades might seem unnecessary in the short term but can prevent larger expenses in the future.
  • Claiming Social Security at age 62 might allow you to claim your benefit as soon as possible, but are you maximizing how much you can get over retirement?
  • Skipping regular health check-ups and preventative care can help prevent much bigger issues and costs in the future.
  • Don’t avoid a tough conversation now if you aren’t with the right advisor.

If you are interested in any of the topics we discussed, please reach out and we would be happy to help you navigate your financial situation.


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