New Book Release: “Navigating Retirement in the New Economy” by Mike Kojonen

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Mike Kojonen’s latest insightful guide, “Navigating Retirement in the New Economy.” This book is a culmination of Mike’s years of expertise in the financial industry, primarily focusing on the challenges and strategies associated with retirement in today’s economic landscape.

Spotlight Chapter: “The Retirement Reality”

Mike dives deep into the fears, uncertainties, and challenges that many face during the transition into retirement. As he writes:

“All of a sudden, instead of adding money to your accounts… you are now in a new phase where you are withdrawing money from your accounts and seeing your balances possibly diminish.”

Mike sheds light on the reality of retirement planning, offering advice on the appropriate way to approach the withdrawal phase and emphasizing the importance of having a solid retirement plan in place.

What if you haven’t saved ten times your last year’s salary for retirement? Should you be afraid? Mike addresses these pressing concerns and more, debunking myths and providing actionable strategies for a secure retirement.

Exclusive Offer: Download “The Retirement Reality” for Free!

As a special promotion, we’re giving you the chance to download this enlightening chapter written by Mike Kojonen himself. Get a glimpse of his wisdom and strategies that could potentially reshape your retirement plans.

Download “The Retirement Reality” Now




About the Author: Mike Kojonen

Mike Kojonen, founder and owner of Principal Preservation Services LLC and Principal Wealth Services LLC, has been in the financial services industry since 2002. He’s a bestselling co-author, podcast host, and a strong advocate for community service. A family man and a strong believer in faith, Mike’s principles guide him, his family, and his business.
Secure Your Future with “Navigating Retirement in the New Economy”

Don’t leave your retirement to chance. Dive into Mike’s comprehensive guide and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to navigate the challenges of the new economy.

Purchase the Book Here

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