Ep 99: Should You Follow These Popular Retirement Rules of Thumb?

You’ve most likely heard plenty of “rules” you’re supposed to follow to retire successfully. Some of these rules are stated so confidently, you’d be crazy not to immediately accept them as fact.

But we don’t mind the threat of being called crazy, so let’s dive into some of the most popular retirement “rules of thumb” to see if they truly lead us down the path of good financial guidance or run a chance of leading us astray.

Here is some of what you’ll learn on this show:

  • Can you rely on the rule of 100 to help you determine how much risk to have? (1:37)
  • Can you plan for 75% of your current income to have a successful retirement? (3:05)
  • Why going off the rule of 10 for savings isn’t an exact measurement for where you should be at 67. (7:03)
  • Does the 4% rule for year withdrawals still hold true today for retirees? (8:43)

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