Build a retirement plan that is designed to last 30+ years

The purpose of the retirement reality analysis is to proactively plan with the intent to make retirement dreams a reality. The process addresses common retirement topics such as income planning, Social Security, risk minimization, health care planning, and legacy planning. 

  • Get A Customized Retirement Plan
  • Optimize Your Social Security
  • Minimize Your Risk (if you want)
  • Implement Tax Minimization Strategies
  • Address Future Health-Care Concerns
  • Plan The Legacy You Want To Leave

What many people don’t realize is many financial professionals want to sell a product. It’s like asking a butcher for nutritional advice. Instead, they should go see a dietician. When a retiree or pre-retiree wants to plan their retirement, they must look for the dieticians of finance. They are known as Fiduciaries.

A fiduciary looks at the entire picture. One product cannot satisfy all the variables to consider when building a retirement plan. The Retirement Reality Analysis was developed by fiduciaries to clearly take individuals and couples through a process that would give them a clear comprehensive retirement plan that could support them for 30+ years.

Mike Kojonen

Founder, Principal Preservation Services

What does a comprehensive retirement plan from Principal Preservation Services look like?

  • It Address Future Tax Burdens
  • It Maps Out How You Can Receive Income Each Year
  • It Address How Your Legacy Will Transfer Efficiently
  • It Adjusts Your Risk Each Year
  • It Address What Will Happen When A Spouse Passes
  • It Maximizes Your Social Security Benefit
  • It Has Built In Flexibility For When "Life Happens"
  • It Is Understood By All Parties Involved

This is not a turn-key, cookie cutter, easy “thing” to create. It takes time to build… We take retirement planning very seriously. If you take your retirement as serious as we do, and want a clear comprehensive retirement plan, then we invite you to request the Retirement Reality Analysis. 

Step 1: Review Your Current state

More often than not, folks come in our doors concerned about whether or not they can retire. We have found this is typically due to either a lack of planning or bad information. The first step is to understand what you have to work with and what you want. 

Too often we are asked “How much do I need to retire?” Our response is always, “That depends”. The two variables to consider are how much you have saved up and how much you want in income. If you don’t want or need much income, then you probably don’t need to have much saved. The inverse is true. 

Those who take this step will be able to address some of their biggest retirement concerns. This is a step of clarity. At the conclusion of this step, it is determined if it makes sense to proceed to the next step, or not. 


Step 2: Discuss Your Dreams

After taking in all of the information, based on your current state, we then run the numbers and begin to build your comprehensive retirement plan. This step reviews that version of your plan, your Social Security optimization report, and your risk assessment. The intention is to start putting the pieces together so you can have the plan that connects your dreams with reality.

Many times we defer to the “wing it” approach. Not having a plan is planning to not plan. Choosing to not choose is a choice. Just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you cannot make changes later. Having a plan is a paradoxical balance between being organized and being flexible. 

Step 3: Present The Dream Maker Plan

The third step is the last step in the Retirement Reality Process and the first step into your dream retirement. This step is when you can clearly see how you can retirement the way you want. It is the connection between your dream and your reality, on paper. 

Those who take this step and finish the process will be given a custom retirement plan designed to last 30+ years. At that point, you have reached financial and retirement independence. 

This is not a goodbye, though. We believe in our retirement plans and want the opportunity to maintain them with you for the rest of your life. Can you imagine traveling to that one location you have always wanted to visit, being totally relaxed, because you knew your team at Principal Preservation Services was handling your retirement investments and strategies for you?  


Ready To Start?

One call can make all the difference

When you schedule a call, you schedule time to take the first step. This is NOT a high-pressure sales situation. You are not obigated to make a decision or proceed after the call. If you schedule a call, you will be able openly discuss what you want in regards to your retirement without judgement or manipulation. The purpose of the call is to provide value and determine if you want to plan with Principal Preservation Services, or not. (It’s OK if you don’t want to proceed)