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Summer 2019 Newsletter – Vantage Point

We hope your summer is off to a great start! These months are always welcomed; with longer days, warmer temperatures, and vacation season in full swing. In our Summer 2019 newsletter, we drew inspiration from some of summer’s favorite activities: cookouts, beach retreats, and exercise. Take a moment to enjoy our latest newsletter. We hope the articles benefit you this summer and beyond. As [...]

Spring 2019 Newsletter – Vantage Point

We hope your 2019 has gotten off to a great start! You’ve gotten through the chillier temperatures and the gloomy weather, and now it’s onward to spring. The arrival of spring can mean many different things to people. For most, it’s common longing of warmer weather and outdoor activities. In spring, all is hopeful. There’s new life abound. Transformation and change grip our landscapes, [...]

Winter 2018 Newsletter – On Wealth

We hope you had a wonderful fall, filled with family and fun and are looking forward to the New Year! Winter often provides us with picturesque landscapes—the brilliant blaze of white, that mysterious stillness, and the hush of nature hibernating. Winter also gives us another opportunity at year’s end to commit to new goals and rededicate ourselves to making those lifestyle resolutions. In our [...]

Fall 2018 Newsletter – On Wealth

We hope you’re looking forward to a beautiful autumn. This year fall starts on September 22 and ends December 21. Autumn provides many of us with the opportunity to experience cooler weather and relief from the sweltering summer temperatures. It’s also when most children return to school.   Click To Read Full Newsletter

Summer 2018 Newsletter – On Wealth

We wish you a happy summer. For many of us, the season provides us with time for family, relaxing, and enjoying the outdoors. Summertime also brings back childhood memories of warm, carefree afternoons and early evenings. Summer days are generally long and bright. Following a shaky spring of unseasonable temperatures, summer gives us the best of times. The weather tends to settle on the [...]