Ep #7: What Will the Next Market Crash Look Like?

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Ep #7: What Will the Next Market Crash Look Like?

The Concept:

We’ve been enjoying a long bull run over the past decade and that’s made many people fearful that a major downturn is right around the corner. So what might that look like and when could it happen? We discuss the next market crash and how to prepare yourself for it.

The Reality of the Matter:

Investing in the market requires plenty of speculation and a strong stomach. If you aren’t ready for the ups and downs, it can be a stressful experience.

Thankfully, we’ve enjoyed a bull run of more than a decade since the real estate bubble popped back in 2008. That’s one of the reasons why many analysts and investors are anticipating another significant downturn. We know it’s going to happen at some point, but no one can predict when and how bad it will be.

We’re going to turn to Mike Kojonen on this episode of the Retirement Reality Podcast to see where he stands on the topic. Will that next market crash compare to 2008? Could it be worse? And how can we prepare our portfolios to withstand a huge correction so we are having to wait years to see our investments return to their current levels?

This episode will also dip into the mailbag to take two listener questions. The first is about choosing an advisor based on age and how to handle an advisor retiring before you do. The second comes from someone nearing retirement that’s worried about a market crash. It’s a perfect question to get us into our main topic today.

We’ve laid out the discussion below to make your listening experience more organized. Feel free to click the timestamps to jump around to a specific topic in the episode.

Just The Facts:

1:20 – Mike’s team is moving into a new office.

2:37 – Mailbag question: Should I work with a younger advisor with less experience or someone my age that will retire the same time I do?

5:17 – It’s valid to ask an advisor what their plan is when they retire. Who will take care of you?

6:00 – Mailbag question: I’m retiring in six months and worried about a market crash before I get to the finish line. Will I be ok?

7:41 – So what will the next market crash look like? Let’s discuss.

8:07 – When is the next market crash coming?

9:34 – When it does happen, should we plan for it to be as severe as 2008?

10:52 – If someone is worried, is it best to pull your money out of the market and just wait?

12:19 – What our team does to protect our clients from a downturn.

15:30 – An advisor can help you understand investment options you might not even be aware of.

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