Ep #5: Even Responsible Savers Make These Mistakes

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You can’t criticize people that take a proactive approach to their future by putting away savings as they earn, but you can offer up ways to improve the way that they save. Believe it or not, even responsible savers make mistakes because the transition into retirement can be a major lifestyle change. Let’s talk about some of those missteps that happen along the way.

Today’s rundown: 

2:01 – What we’ll talk about on today’s show.

2:43 – Wedding loans are a new trend where young couples take out money to pay for their ceremony. Mike shares his thoughts on this.

6:01 – Moving into the main topic – even responsible savers make mistakes.

6:22 – Mistake: Getting too enamored with cash.     

8:00 – Mistake: Taking too much risk to accumulate savings.   

10:11 – How often you should be evaluating your portfolio with an advisor.

10:45 – Mistake: Not preparing for that tax time bomb.

14:21 – Mistake: You aren’t enjoying the savings you’ve accumulated.

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