Ep 43: Saying One Thing But Doing Another

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When it comes to investing, do your actions line up with your goals? It’s easy to talk about what you want to accomplish but are you taking the proper steps to make progress towards those things? Let’s talk about the ways in which people will say one thing about their finances but do another.


Read more and get additional resources here: https://principalpreservationservices.com/ep-43-saying-one-thing-but-doing-another/ 


Today’s show schedule:

1:02 – Update on Mike professional career.

2:53 – What we’re talking about today.

3:17 – They spend a lot of time saving but don’t worry about fees in their investments.

5:33 – Someone says they aren’t comfortable with risk but their portfolio doesn’t reflect that.

7:26 – People that really care about their family and loved ones but don’t have a plan in place to take care of them in the event something happens.

10:24 – People want to retire as soon as possible but don’t take the time to put a plan in place.

13:52 – Mailbag question: Is it wise to have a trust as part of my financial and estate plan? 

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