Ep 42: Traditional or Roth IRA?

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Despite the popularity of IRAs, there seems to be quite a bit of confusion between the traditional options and the Roth. What’s the difference between the two and where should you be contributing your money? Today we’ll answer those questions and help you better understand your investing options.


Read more and get additional financial resources here: https://principalpreservationservices.com/ep-42-traditional-or-roth-ira/ 


Today’s show schedule: 

1:19 – Do you get a lot of questions on this subject from clients?

2:32 – Explain the differences between the two.

4:56 – Why do people typically contribute more to IRA over Roth?

6:00 – How can a Roth be a powerful tool for investors?

8:00 – Who is someone that would benefit from contributing to a Roth over traditional?

11:31 – Who would benefit more from a traditional IRA over a Roth?

13:26 – Mailbag question #1: We should be leaving a significant amount of money to our kids. Should we tell them about our plans now or let it be a surprise?

16:41 – Mailbag question #1: We have big travel plans in retirement, including visiting all 7 continents. Will we need more income in retirement than we have now?

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