Ep 26: What’s Your Level of Desire to Retire?

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When you think about retirement, are you someone that pictures yourself working for as long as you can or do you want to hang it up as soon as financially possible? Everyone has a different level of desire when it comes to retiring and we’ll span the full spectrum on this episode.


Read more and get additional resources here:  https://principalpreservationservices.com/ep-26-whats-your-level-of-desire-to-retire/ 


Today’s rundown: 

2:48 – Getting to Know Mike: What’s your favorite sport?

5:21 – Moving into our main topic on desire to retire.

5:41 – Level 1: ‘I don’t see myself retiring. I love what I do.’

6:49 – Level 2: ‘I guess I could retire but they pay me pretty well and I don’t hate it. So I might as well keep working.’

7:35 – Mike shares a story about a trip to California and a retirement conversation he had.

8:52 – Level 3: ‘I’d like to retire in a few years but I’m not really sure when I can.’

11:05 – Level 4: ‘I always pictured myself working for a few more years but the idea of retirement is looking better and better.’

13:28 – Level 5: ‘I want to retire tomorrow and if I don’t quit this job right now, they might have to put me in an asylum.’

16:28 – Here’s how you can start the planning process regardless of your level.                                 

17:54 – Mailbag question: It appears I’m now able to contribute more to my 401k this year than I was allowed to last year. Is it safe to assume I should put in the extra amount?

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