Ep 10: Retirement Constants That Affect Everyone

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While there are some factors that are different for everyone in retirement planning, there are also constants that affect everyone, no matter the specifics of your situation. How do we plan around these constants? We’ll explore that question on this episode


Show Notes: https://principalpreservationservices.com/retirement-constants-that-affect-everyone/


Today’s Rundown:

1:06 – Mike’s daughter is getting married in a couple days.

2:29 – Previewing today’s show.

2:48 – Mailbag question: Most of my 401k is invested in company stock. Is that a bad thing?

4:28 – Mailbag question: How long should I be meeting with my advisor? I get a birthday card every year but that’s about it.

5:48 – Let’s move to our main topic on retirement constants.

6:18 – Retirement constant: Inflation

7:24 – Mike shares the story of the first car he bought.

9:36 – Retirement constant: Rising taxes

11:22 – Retirement constant: Market volatility

13:42 – Retirement constant: Healthcare costs

15:59 – Retirement constant: Fees and commissions

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