Ep #1: Signs Your Financial Advisor Isn’t Right for You

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It’s not uncommon to meet people that aren’t completely satisfied with their financial advisor but don’t feel the need to make a change. Many times, relationships have been formed that prevent clients from making a tough choice, but other times the excuses are a little flimsier. Find out some of the common signs that your advisor might not be a great fit in this episode.

Podcast Website: https://principalpreservationservices.com/retirement-reality-podcast/

Today’s rundown:

3:27 – In the news: Reacting to the campaigns to forgive student debt.  

6:29 – Mike shares his personal philosophy on how to handle student loans as parents.

7:45 – Conversation about advisors begins.

8:13 – Common excuse from clients: My portfolio hasn’t done well but he’s a nice guy and I don’t want to make a change.  

9:20 – Common excuse #2: I don’t understand everything in my portfolio but money isn’t really my thing.  

10:38 – Common excuse #3: We don’t regularly get together for reviews and we don’t talk often, but I assume he’s taking care of me.

11:54 – Common excuse #4: He doesn’t really specialize in retirement planning but he’s an old friend so I stick with him.

13:28 – What advice would you give someone that might be in this situation and having second thoughts?

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