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Ep #11: 4 Tips to Help You Retire Without Regret

The Concept:

No one wants to reach retirement and wonder what might have happened if they made a few small changes. Simple mistakes can lead to larger financial regrets later in life. On today’s show, we’ll explore some of the things you can do to avoid living with regret in retirement.

The Reality of the Matter:

Every decision you make can carry long-term consequences and retirement planning is no exception. What might seem like a small choice while you’re working might turn out to have a larger impact on your finances in retirement.

It’s not a great feeling to work that hard during your career and look back with any type of regret once you’re retired. We want you to enjoy that next chapter with the confidence that you took all the appropriate steps and followed your plan as it was laid out. To help you get there, we will discuss four different actionable items that will help you avoid regret.

Mike Kojonen will take us through these four tips and provide a few client stories about how missteps can really hurt your portfolio. He’ll also tell us how he works with clients to help them make decisions on investments without trying to persuade them to go a certain direction. Having a trusted advisor is such an important part of the equation and you always want to work with someone you have total confidence in.

We’ve laid out the discussion below to make your listening experience more organized. Feel free to click the timestamps to jump around to a specific topic in the episode.

Just The Facts:

1:17 – What does the holiday season look like for the Kojonen family?

2:29 – Previewing our main topic for this episode.

2:58 – Retire without regret: Don’t make any sudden decisions.

4:17 – Retire without regret: Do your research.

6:51 – How does Mike help a client make the right choice?

7:47 – Retire without regret: Work with a professional you can trust.

9:27 – An advisor can help you sort through all of your investments and help you develop a plan.

11:08 – Retire without regret: Have an actual plan for retirement.

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